Monday, June 29, 2009

The Spirit of Music

Sunday Morning while I was riding in the car an old gospel song that I liked came on. After hearing the familiar melody a wind of peace engulfed me. I sang along which intensified the feeling the song was giving off. After hearing the song I was reminded of a conference I had gone to. In the conference the speaker spoke on the effects of music. I will always remember that conference; there was a hail storm the day after (very unusual). The speaker talked about Lucifer being in charge of the music in heaven and how he continued to use his gift after being cast out. The speaker spoke about how heavy metal exalted the devil and how the devil used rap for African Americans (rap now crosses the color barriers). The speaker showed us slides of some of the lyrics of songs etc. it was mind blowing to see some of the things I had been dancing and listening to. People are so caught up in the beat and rhythm of the song that sometimes we don't pay close enough attention to the words. In the end he challenged us to do a 3 day fast with no tv or radio. During the 3 days I sang songs I did not even know that I liked and I couldn't stop singing them. I have since gone back to listening to secular music. Cutting out secular music has been a battle for me. Music is one of my strongest giftings and I have found it difficult to not listen to it all. I do believe it is necessary for me to cut out secular music because music is so changes your very mood. When you listen to a happy song it brings back happy memories. When you listen to sad songs you think on sad times. When you listen to love songs...well you get the gist of what I am saying. As a Christian I feel we should listen to music that feeds our spirit and helps us in our walk with Christ. I await the day when my desire is only to hear music that edifies.

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