Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Today I felt that I needed to leave my house...I didn't know why but I knew that I was suppose to. After thinking about it (rationalizing can lead to trouble because sometimes things just don't make sense) I began to talk myself out of it. I reasoned that I really didn't have anywhere to go and I should just stay put...then that still small voice spoke to me "you know what you're suppose to do". I decided on ice cream; while in the drive through I looked up and saw a rainbow. That may seem small but you see I use to see an abnormal amount of rainbows. I hadn't seen one in a long time even when the weather conditions were perfect for a rainbow there wasn't one. I longed to see one. To remind me of God's promises for my life. Just last week I told my mom about a time that I had seen a rainbow. I was riding in the car with my children and I told them sometimes you can be going through something and God will do something to let you know everything will be will look in the sky and see a beautiful rainbow and it's like God telling you that he is here and things will be okay.  After I told them that, I began talking to God "Lord, I need a rainbow". Right after I said it I saw what I still think today was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. It was closer than I have ever seen one and the colors were vibrant like they were full of life. I think on that from time to time. Remembering God and his goodness and faithfulness. Thank you Lord for the rainbows of my life.

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