Saturday, May 7, 2011


Connected by C.L.P

Emerald eyes of Jealousy
Scale the vision of Reality
Causing us both not to See
That He that dwells in You
Does dwell in Me
Words that we should have used to Edify
We exchanged and Prophesied
Against each other but our Spirits Recognize
That We are Connected
The Communion that our Spirits Drink
Make us closer than We Think
We Are Connected
Creation is Groaning Moaning and Dying
Instead of Uniting
We look past the tears in each others eyes
And Continue to Divide the Body of Christ
We are Connected
The Enemy Loves the Confusion
That Causes the Body Internal Injury and Contusions
Together We Could Bruise Him!
We Are Connected
The true irony
Is my breakthrough could be in you
And yours in me
We affect each others Destiny
We Are Connected
Its time We chose to Unify
And become the Bride of Christ
We Are Connected
We are too busy being trapped behind the smoke screen
To understand what love your neighbor as you love yourself
Truly Means
We Are Connected
How Long
How Long Oh Lord
Until we are perfected
How long will the body be divided into sects
In Unity there is protection
But the body is plagued by the Infection
Of division
If we could turn from our wicked ways
And on one accord offer up
Perfected Praise
The glory of God's
Latter Rain would Bathe
The Bride of Christ Spotless
And make her worthy of his name
We Are Connected

Last night I did something foolish. I went somewhere I shouldn't have and did some things I shouldn't have. The details are not important; I fell short. Afterwards, I sat up a while talking to my grandmother;she has been having problems with her health and has to have open heart surgery next week. I looked at her and noticed how much weight she had loss, noticed the paleness of her skin and the tiredness in her eyes. I wanted to pray for her but I did not feel worthy. I asked the Lord for forgiveness and I prayed anyway. Today as I think on last night, I think on the consequences of sin. What I did would appear minor or not sin to some but I knew better and once you KNOW BETTER you are accountable and it is sin. Grace is beautiful but we have to do our part. I wrote early this week asking the question "how do we get closer to God?" and now I can answer my own question (perhaps if I was really honest with myself I could have answered it from the begining) DISCIPLINE. If we really want to be Close to God as we say we do we must deny ourselves. Fasting, Praying, Getting up Early to Pray, whatever it takes. Life can be so distracting...Get up, get ready for work, if you have kids get them ready for school, breakfast, getting to your desired destinations, working, coming home, cooking, bathing, spending a little time with your children if you have them, getting the children ready for bed if you have them, watching a little tv or reading whatever you do, then getting your clothes ready for the next day. We must make Jesus a mandatory part of our day. I pray, but on hectic days my prayer life is sometimes ragedy. It's a quick five minutes or whatever I can spare. Jesus must be our priority. If we look at the bigger picture spending time with the Lord,Interceding,Studying the Bible, and Praying is where we get our strength and if we don't make time to do these things we will get weak and our weakness affects more than us. Our weakness affects our unsaved loved ones, it affects our sick loved ones, it affects our children, it affects our church, it affects the souls we should be winning to Christ etc. We are so quick to state the fact that we are adults; but one of the biggest parts of being an adult is being responsible. We are responsible for the kind of lives we live. We are responsible for each other.

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