Monday, August 19, 2013


About five years ago I was going through some stormy times and I went to the flea market with a family acquaintance. At the flea market a lady had a booth and she was doing print outs of name meanings. I had only had one person tell me they knew the meaning of my name but when I tried to call her she was unable to tell me. I did not expect the lady at the flea market to have the meaning of my name; when I told her what my name was she said it was unique but it was still a way to look it up...the definition she gave me was computer generated and a little generic but what it said had truth to it. A while after the lady gave me the print out I got a wild hair and wrote a linguist at an university and asked him if he knew the meaning of my name. He not only took the time to research it but he enlisted the help of his colleagues to find the meaning. Almost every day I was forwarded an email on what someone had found. It shook my very being because I knew it was God's favor and love for me that had caused him to move collegiate professors and chairs to search out my name meaning. I thought about that today and wandered at the awe of God's power and glory and his presence in the turbulence; protecting and keeping us.

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