Sunday, April 29, 2012


Today I got dressed for church and the car I was driving started cutting off. I had been having problems with it so I decided to turn around while I could. This morning I got the impression to study Adam and Eve with my children this week. I wandered why I studied about Noah first so I looked back over the story of Noah and I found that God had told Noah what he had told Adam..Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish. I remembered be fruitful and multiply but I always thought the last part was have dominion. Anyway I decided to study the word replenish.

1 a: to fill with persons or animals : stock barchaic: to supply fully : perfect c: to fill with inspiration or power : nourish
2 a: to fill or build up again b: to make good

We have been talking about building up in church and I think that "building up" is critical in this season. The devil knows that we are close to a move of God that will change everything. We are close to a move of God that will equipt God's people to take dominion and to replenish. Because we are so close the devil is pulling out his arsenal and doing all he can to get us off track and out of position. Last Sunday in church God wanted me to compel his people to call in those that had gotten out of position. There are some tares that are suppose to go but there is also wheat that is entangled with the tares. We must restore. When I think of Adam and Eve I think about obedience. It is so important to be obedient. No matter what seems to be going on around us we must focus and do what God has called us to do. We must pray, we must fast, we must build, we must encourage, we must edify, we must restore, we must be fruitful, we must multiply, we must replenish.

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