Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Night With The King

God had been dealing with me about spending time with him. He had been asking me to come away with him, so I would go by the water to pray; then his demand became more soveriegn and urgent. I was waiting for the right timing, for everything to line up perfectly. In my mind I had imagined this grand getaway; this ellaborate sabatacle when all God was asking for was some time alone. Some things began to go wrong in my life and God's voice became clearer and more demanding..."COME AWAY WITH ME"; again I almost missed the mark. I thought up a trip where I would go to Orlando and go to the "Holy Land Experience" (I want to go to Israel and that seemed pretty close). When I added up the cost I almost cancelled the whole thing but there was an urgency in my spirit. I knew I had to get away. There are beautiful beaches in my city so instead of leaving town I rented a room with a waterview and balcony. When I first got to the hotel I was a little anxious; I kept thinking of things to do and I heard the Lord ask "are you afraid to be alone with me?" that made me think and it made me put down my own agenda. I began to put my things away and I felt the Lord's anticipation..."we have all night" I said within myself and I heard the Lord say "I like the thought of that". The experience was beautiful and nothing like I thought, I thought I would spend the whole time worshiping and praying and although I did pray and worship for a little while what God really wanted was to just spend time with me. I kind of liken it to a couple deciding to just hold each other all night. I danced and closed my eyes, and talked to Lord just like I would talk to anyone was wonderful. I can't wait until we're alone again.

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