Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bucket List

I was talking with a relative of mine the other day about the movie The Bucket List. The Bucket List stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and is about two terminally ill patients that meet in a cancer ward who form a friendship. During their stay in the hospital one of the patients comes across a list created by the other patient. The list is a list of things that the patient wants to do before dying. The patients talk about the list and then collaborate to write a list together. Talking about the movie made me think of a similar list I created in high school. Some may think it morbid but dying is something we all will do and since tomorrow is not promised it would serve us best to live life accordingly. After seeing the movie I decided to come up with a new list. Here it goes:
1. Live the kind of life in which people know that I know God without my ever having to say I do or displaying it religiously i.e. with tee shirts etc. (don’t get me wrong if you choose to wear religious tee-shirts more power to you, what I am saying is if I don’t wear a tee-shirt I want people to still know I believe in Christ)
2. Orchestrate special moments and events that my children will tell their children’s children about with excitement still present. I use to do things with my children like make giant pancakes, make up my own bedtime stories etc. when talking about things that have happened those are the times that my children talk the most about. I want to get back to that.
3. Travel the world.
4. Make a positive difference in the lives of as many as I can.
5. Change my community for the better.
6. Go on a shopping spree to various hot spots i.e. New York, Italy, etc.
7. Go to a Broadway Show.
8. Sit down with my children and let them look at amusement parks and places they want to go and take them to all of them one summer.
9. Travel going to see various plays…Tyler Perry plays namely.
10. Loose weight and keep it off.
11. Hold my great grandchildren.
12. Find a church home and become involved.
13. Become prissy (not the damsel in distress type prissy but doing things like keeping my hair done and my nails manicured and toes pedicured.
14.Publish a book
15.Make a cd

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