Friday, July 29, 2016

The Promise is Close

Today I looked up and saw what had to be at least the third rainbow I have seen this week. Earlier this week I came across something I had written in a journal a little over a year ago....I would like to share it: "I feel like I am waiting on a ship that doesn't have a specified arrival time (not one that I know of anyway). I find myself by the water thinking that any minute now my ship could come in, but every now and then the hope that has been deferred makes my heart sick because of the realization that it doesn't have to be any moment. Truth be told if the appointed time hasn't been declared to be now, whose to say it isn't a thousand years from now? one day is as a thousand years. Where does that leave me? It leaves me here in the present and today I choose to sit by the water hoping on suddenly. Hoping suddenly before I leave my ship will appear in the distance."

Today as I sit by the water I feel like my promise is closer than it was before and my ship is about to reach the shore.

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