Monday, July 11, 2016

Back to the Old Landmarks

I love dreaming about church. Last night I dreamed about my childhood church. I woke up this morning and drove past it; it gave me joy to think about the times we had and I had to laugh when I thought about how we were always made to recite the church info; now that I am an adult I see the wisdom in it..."First Church Emmanuel of Redeemed Saints 1305 West Scott St...(lol)." In the dream my cousin and I were standing on the outside of the church and there were dark clouds above it and it looked like it was about to storm. My cousin pointed up smiling and said "look at that rainbow". I couldn't see it at first and I told her there wasn't one there, but she kept looking and smiling so I kept looking too and then I saw it through the clouds...a rainbow just as she had first I saw a little bit of it...and as I kept looking I saw more. It was beautiful. Emmanuel...God is with us; especially through the storms of life. We only have to keep looking at him. (l really love rainbows...through it all I still and always will really love God).

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