Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's Time

Yesterday my friend and I were riding and talking and I told her that although I was in an uncomfortable place I had to admit that good was coming from it.I told her my faith was being restored. I use to ride around looking at houses; I would pick out the ones I liked. Once I picked out a waterfront home that was located in the downtown area of the city that I live in; I really liked it. I had a realtor give me a viewing of the home. I told her that I was an author (I am although I had only started this blog at that time). After a while I got the courage to tell someone and I was shocked by their response was, you can have it....anyone else would have used reason and asked me the questions about things that need to be in place when purchasing a home like: what is your income?, what is your credit score?; how much money do you have toward your down payment?...none of these questions were asked and having this person believe with me built my faith. I am looking, and believing God for what seems impossible again. Last night I heard a speaker speak on faith. It was awesome and a confirmation "God is up to something good". My signature for my phone this year is " Great things in 2015" and I believe it. :)
 I drove by the water today...last night the preacher said "Cast your bread on the water..." I wanted to see it in the natural so I went to feed the birds... they were all the way on the other side of the beach...I began to throw the bread and then I said to myself "okay get off the bench and stand up to throw it'...after a while one bird came to eat the bread, soon there were many. It is time to reap; the things done by faith were not done in vain.
Ecclesiastes 11:1 Cast thy bread upon the waters:for thou shalt find it after many days

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