Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I woke up around four not feeling that well I thought I was just coming down with something but then I began to hear the voice of the enemy telling me negative things so I said okay this is warfare and got up. I began to read the bible and I felt better soon afterwards. I began to think about a lot of times things have no power unless you agree and then I began to think on the power God has entrusted us with...what are we doing with it? Are we speaking life? I also thought on how the enemy uses division against the body. I thought of the power of the words of a believer. I thought on how we must be careful. I thought on spiritual principles. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit and guidance. I thought about times I said what I shouldn't. I thought on believers essentially working against each other. I thought about parents often have to resolve fights between siblings about how just like God a lot of parents will have the child see their wrong in the matter. God is good.

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