Sunday, April 5, 2015

It is good to remember!

For about three days I have been thinking about my grandmother's Easter Lily's. Yesterday I felt an urgency to take them out of the back yard and move them to the front yard. This morning I noticed that the blooms that had began to open up had opened all the way. It was beautiful to see. I went to a funeral a while back. It was the funeral of someone very close to my family. My grandmother and her had been friends for many years and she was the mother in law of my cousin.It was so sad....God knew! The Pastor of the church that was speaking at the funeral was very, very old...he rolled up to the pulpit and started preaching very, very slowly  "Its good to remember" "While you have the full activity of your limbs, while you have a full head of hair, while you have all your teeth" I had to put my head down because I had started laughing. From tears to laughter. So today on Resurrection Sunday.. remember, remember God's sacrifice, remember his goodness, remember those in your life that you love. It is good to remember.

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