Thursday, April 2, 2015

Amazing Grace

I took my children out to eat tonight. My son dropped his drink and then while he was trying to pick his drink up he dropped his entire plate. I looked at the situation before us in horror and ended up dropping my drink. I wanted to scream from the embarrassment of it all. After everything was cleaned up my children politely sat down and started to eat. My son wanted to make sure his jell-o was replaced and my daughter wanted ketchup. They sat down and ate as if nothing happened. I had eaten earlier so I just got something to go for my older son. I sat and looked at my children and I was awestruck...what a perfect example of grace. Not the "shall I sin so that grace may abound" grace but the grace God freely gives us when we make a mistake.  This weekend is Easter....I thank God for the cross. I thank God that he sees the best in me and I thank God for grace. We get burdened down with shame and guilt but God knew all about our shortcomings and planned ahead of time and gave us the cross. I love you with the love of Christ. Happy Easter.

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