Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An Expected End...God is Faithful

I saw another rainbow today and I thought about God's promises. My co-workers and I got into a conversation today about people knowing when they were going to pass. I told them about the experience with my father; finding him with his arms folded and his burial clothes laid out on the bed in the next room. I told her how I had asked God a hard thing; I had asked him for the salvation of my family and how God told me that he would do it for me even if it was just the space to repent. God is so very faithful. It is human nature to not want to feel like you have no control so when God puts you in a situation that you can't do anything it is sometimes difficult to handle but if we stop and think we have to admit God's goodness...we have to admit his faithfulness. God is faithful and that won't change.

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