Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was released to share the word that I got Saturday,tonight. I wandered why and then it came to me; the word I got Saturday was about distractions. Tonight while in church we were on the verge of something big. I heard God say to me "I am the God of Abraham" then he said "I am opening the heavens". Something happened and it needed to be handled but I was left with the question what was about to happen? Saturday morning I was suppose to go by the water (Sander's Beach in my city). I knew in advance where to go and what time to be there (10:00 AM) but Saturday morning I started to watch t.v. I'm not even a big t.v. watcher but this show had my attention. As it got close to the time I needed to leave to be there on time I became agitated. I started to complain about things just to complain and I heard the Lord say "go to the water at 10:30 Torry, then you can watch the show". On my way to the water I realized the gravity of what I had done and I began to pray..."Lord if I was suppose to meet someone there let them still be there..." When I got there I prayed and then began to study the books of the bible God had given me to study which were the books of Samuel. What stood out was how Saul lost his position by being disobedient (ouch!). God told me "Torry, (this is what he said but it's not just for me) in this season you have to be obedient with precision; there will be windows opening and if you are not obedient you will miss". In other words timing and obedience is key. After studying more I heard God tell me to come back at 6:00 PM and I did and continued to study but nothing out of the ordinary happened as far as I know. I assume I missed my appointment. Don't miss yours! God Bless.

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