Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Gown

An aquaintance of mine told me about a dream she had. She told me she had a dream that she had on a beautiful wedding dress and she was walking through the street and the train of the dress was dragging the ground and her bridesmaid told her that her train was dragging the ground and her response was that she did not care. She said her bridesmaid picked the train up and put it in a plastic bag. I gave her the interpretation and it was that a beautiful bride is how God sees her and her letting her wedding train drag the ground was symbolic of how she takes how God feels for her and the position he has set aside for her for granted. I then told her that just the other day I was reflecting on how at different times my life God had tried to get my attention and tried to get me to spend time with him and I didn't and I told her I just couldn't believe I had the audacity to deny the Almighty God. The church as a whole has been like a bride; taking for granted the beauty, position, and power God has for her...It's time for us to take our place.

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