Tuesday, December 1, 2015


The other day God asked me to do something that did not seem logical. I thought it over and thought it over and although it didn't make sense to my natural mind I knew I had heard God so I did it. After I had completed the task, I thought about other times God had told me to do something I did not understand...that did not make sense in the natural; sometimes I did what was asked of me and sometimes I didn't (I thought it over until I talked myself out of doing it). Then I had a real moment...a moment where I had to be real with myself and I thought how many times had God given me (and other Christians) the unction to do something and I (we) didn't for whatever reason and the thought brought me to the question:what if we as Christians are the ones holding up each others prayers from being answered? I am going to be transparent today...God has told me to do some very specific things as they regarded other people; the times I was obedient the outcome was so much more than I imagined but what about the times when I didn't do what I was suppose to?

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