Thursday, September 3, 2015

My older son called me yesterday and said he needed to talk. When I got there he started off by saying "I had a dream..." I cut him off and said " I know you didn't call me to come way over here to tell me something you could have told me over the phone...we laughed and he said"no this is different ". I told him to tell me and he began to tell me that he had dreamed I was building a house and people kept stealing material....he said it was like they didn't know what they were doing but their doing it still prevented the construction of the house. He said then these people who were very different and from their appearance looked like misfits came and told the people stealing the material that they had better stop, and then there started to be progress in the construction of the house and the house was eventually finished. That dream has been ony mind since he told me. It makes me think of how important it is to choose who you have around you carefully because just like in his dream even if the people around you unconsciously hinder your vision or goals it still slows the process of construction. What then is the solution? For me its a simple prayer of Lord bring those who will.

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