Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thank God for Seeing Another Year

Friday was my birthday. I had lunch with my mom and spent time with my cousin. It was a very simple day but it was a very good day. Earlier today I went to dinner with some co-workers. I knew that they would want to go somewhere afterwards and  I was tempted to go but then I decided not to. I turned thirty-six and there was something very different about my birthday this year. With all of the chaos I found myself being grateful just to be here! I thank God for his faithfulness; I thank him for keeping me. I thank God that this time next year won't be anything like it is this year. I thank God for my family and friends. I thank God that despite every attack he allowed me to survive. I thank God for revelation and freedom. I feel as if I have awakened. I feel that I was merely sleepwalking. I am seeing things differently now. I thank God that he knows the beginning and the end. I thank him for his love. I thank him for his creative power. I thank him for life. I thank him for choosing me, believing in me, and calling me. I thank him that he allows me to hear his voice; that he tells me his mysteries; that he calls me unto himself and restores. Thank you Lord; I love you.

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