Friday, January 7, 2011

Somebody Prayed For Me

There is a song that I don't know all the lyrics to so I will loosely quote it...Somebody prayed for me, had me on there mind, took the time to pray for me, I'm so glad, I'm so glad. I'm so glad they prayed for me. Amen to that! Reflecting back on my week so far a day in particular stands out. Thursday was one heck of a day! I know someone was praying for me because it was as if the pressure that I have been under came to a head and I felt like I was just going to explode (that's the only way I can think of describing what I was feeling). I wasn't going to go off on anyone or anything but it was as if I had just had enough. All of a sudden total peace came over me and the heaviness I was feeling was lifted. I knew someone had to be praying for me. I know my pastors keep me covered in prayer so I in turn prayed for them. Let's keep each other lifted in prayer yall especially our leaders.

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